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Day 20 - Peto

She did it. She did 20 days of Peto. She could do more, and possibly should do more.
Tova was VERY naughty today, she couldn't focus for the majority of the day. She's excited about going home this weekend. We will go home this weekend. Unless I change my mind last minute of course. And I can if I feel like it. But I think, this time, we will do the 20 days and next time possibly do more.

I officially feel totally gross from eating so much unusual food. Unusual for me, the food was great, but I don't usually eat this way. It was really fun at the time, but knowing I'm going home makes me quite aware.. hmm. The Conductors were saying that Tova has put on weight here. I think they are too polite to say it about me too. haha.

I was sad saying goodbye today. I don't do goodbye well. These people are amazing and always have a big impact on me. Tova was just happy to hear the words Melbourne, Aba and Nissim.

I'm going to miss this place. All of it. Budapest is beautiful, the people are great, the peto is good for Tova and I've really had a nice time working and being here. Most of the day the entire place smells like fabric softener, at peak hour it doesn't, it smells more like toilets with un breathable smog, but once that goes away the world seems to be all sweet smelling. And all the leaves falling from the trees covering the ground is really pretty. I'm not sure whey people rake it all up. But they do.

This evening I've spent my time cleaning the flat and packing. I love that I had food from the peto cafe and didn't have to cook. I even had hot chips today for me, and some strange cabbage stuff for Tova with Hungarian gnocchi.
So. We are pretty much ready for our weekend journey across the world. I miss our boys, Tova misses our boys too we are looking forward to seeing them so much, and the rest of the family of course.
I can't believe I havne't seen Nissim for a month. My perfect little boy!

Day 19 - Peto