Adelaide again. I love Adelaide!
Tova is of course Amazing. However, this year she refuses to go to the beach at all. We've been here for a week and yesterday I had to bribe her with "Let's go see if Andre Rieu is at the beach", just to get her to even think about it. She knew I was tricking but reluctantly played along.

I got our annual feet in the water image and then she demanded we go back to the ‘Adelaide House’.

I still just can't get my head around why it takes me over 11 hours to drive from Melbs to Ads. I left at 6am and got here at 5 or 6ish. I don't get it. We didn't drive too slow and we didn't stop so many times.

The drive was ok, long, but ok. It's worth it to have my car with me and all my stuff, so much stuff. We bring everything, almost even the kitchen sink.

Watching the Greek Festival and Henley Beach.