Adelaide 2019

As usual Adelaide was excellent. Paradise with excellent Conductive Ed.



Adelaide again. I love Adelaide!
Tova is of course Amazing. However, this year she refuses to go to the beach at all. We've been here for a week and yesterday I had to bribe her with "Let's go see if Andre Rieu is at the beach", just to get her to even think about it. She knew I was tricking but reluctantly played along.

I got our annual feet in the water image and then she demanded we go back to the ‘Adelaide House’.

I still just can't get my head around why it takes me over 11 hours to drive from Melbs to Ads. I left at 6am and got here at 5 or 6ish. I don't get it. We didn't drive too slow and we didn't stop so many times.

The drive was ok, long, but ok. It's worth it to have my car with me and all my stuff, so much stuff. We bring everything, almost even the kitchen sink.

Watching the Greek Festival and Henley Beach.

Monthly Adelaides

Monthly Adelaides

Tova and I have been visiting Future Footprints each month this year. We hope to continue to do so for-like-ever.
Last month we flew to Adelaide in the morning, arrived at about 9am and started therapy at 10am. Tova did about 4 hours, CE, Speech and OT, then we flew home.
Our taxi didn't arrive actually, so one of the conductors had to drive us quickly down the road the the airport to make our 3pm flight (Therapy finished at 2pm), we made it with heaps of time to spare as the flight was delayed.
There was some cuffuffel at the airport too, so there were lots of police around my gate. They entertained Tova for a while, even giving her their hat to wear. It was funny.

We are off again tomorrow for the day. I'm also going to pick up some new Piedro shoes for Tova while I'm there as the shop here has taken over 6 weeks to even call me back about them not having the shoes.
I rang the Adelaide shop yesterday and they put some shoes aside for me to collect. Too easy. Pretty crazy that I have to go all the way to Adelaide to get shoes for Tova.
For anyone that doesn't know. Piedro shoes are about $320 a pair.

NAPA are in Melbourne at the moment. I've ummed and ahhed about taking Tova to their therapy for years and years. As soon as I find some more money, we will do NAPA too. I was talking to the mumma that founded NAPA, she's really lovely, I was very impressed.
They are here for a few weeks so I will take Yuval along one Friday to check them out too.

Outstanding Adelaide

As usual Adelaide was fantastic. And this year the weather was absolutely perfect. Tova and I walked along the beach almost every morning for at least an hour before 'school'. We watched the dolphins catching fish near the shore and breathed the stunning fresh air.
When the boys arrived for the last week, I was even able to walk with no kids.. just me and my camera, the dolphins and the ocean. It was wonderful.

Future footprints was it's usual brilliant self. I can't understand why there isn't enough demand for this in Melbourne. It floors me. Maybe there is.. who knows.

We have been home now for about 5 days. I flew home with the kdis and Yuval drove for the day. It was really fantastic flying and being home so quickly. The kids were perfect as I handed them Ipads the second they sat down on the plane. And that flight is quick, maybe even quicker than to Hobart.

Tova started School today, grade 3. Nissim starts tomorrow, grade 2.

Yesterday (while Nissim was visiting a friend and Yuval was at work) Tova and I went to see Star Wars, in gold class.. so fancy. She loved it mostly and now wants to watch all the movies.

star wars in gold class
Watching Star Wars in Gold Class!

Flying Home from Adelaide to Melbs.

Morning Walks on West Beach, Adelaide

kids airport adelaide

Nissim swimming Glenelg

West beach sunset SA

Bike Riding Glenelg

Week 2 of FF

Tova destroying Sand Castles at West Beach
Tova destroying Sand Castles at West Beach