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Day 19 - Peto

Thursday... already. Tova had a good day again. Her walking has improved and her eating is completely different. We are getting closer to my dream of making a sandwich for school lunch. I actually had come to terms with that never happening. I shouldn't ever do that. Tova is always a big surprise.

My boys.. I miss our boys. Tova misses our boys. We were talking about Aba today and the piano and Tova was telling me that Nissim was at school. It's hard to explain to her that at home it's the middle of the night and Nissim is actually probably asleep while we are eating lunch.

Today at Budapest School, one of the conductors took down the spring/summer decorations and started putting up snow flakes and winter themed decorations. So funny to think of it being cold in December. Especially considering how hot it is in the building too. And even the weather here this November has been amazing. Blue skies, 18 degree days. Nice... I am ready for summer though, lovely Adelaide summer. I suppose I should probably stop eating cake now in preparation for summer. Not that body image is important, or maybe it is, perhaps being comfortable is important and the amount of cake and food I have been eating has made me feel quite warm and fuzzy, yet not comfortably cool and fresh for summer.

I'm going to be sad tomorrow. Gawd. Pass the waterproof mascara.

MAYBE Tova and I will go out after school and go check out the pretty lights and festive vibe of the city tomorrow early evening. Not sure.. I've still got to pack and clean the flat... hmm... Maybe we will save the pretty light at night time for next time, when we are here with the boys.

I had another look for things for Nissim today. REALLY, there is nothing.. well there are a few things, but they are plant based.. so I won't be able to bring them into the country. I guess I'll get something at the airport. I almost got him lego the other day. But we can get lego at home.

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