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Day 18 - Peto

Tova is very excited about seeing Aba (Yuval) and Nissim. She is counting down the days. Each morning she tells me the day and then counts down to going home day. Very cute.
Tova was a good girl in class today. I didn't hear any complaining and the Conductors all mentioned how good she did today. It seems that she doesn't like Monday and by Wednesday she is in the zone. I watched her do a few summersaults today. She is very impressed with herself.

The Israeli family are back, but they weren't there today, Aaron (the little boy) is sick.
For the afternoon it was Tova and one other girl from Ukraine. The mum and daughter are lovely, and they like Vegemite, so I gave them what is left of what I had with me.
The Irish family were supposed to be back today, from their few days visit back home. But they weren't there. Perhaps tomorrow.

It's a nice community. It's a nice group of families. I love meeting people that I possibly otherwise never would. I'm not even sure where Ukraine is.. Close to Russia from my understanding of things. But I couldn't point to it on a map. I love meeting people and seeing how we are all the same. So, very, very the same.

I had a meeting with one of the conductors today about the program etc. She is love and it was nice to have a talk one on one. There was no guilt put upon me for not personally doing enough for Tova, which is put on me quite a bit at home, possibly by myself the most. It is what it is.

I worked in the class room again, not wanting to be alone. I love it. It's a great office. Very uncomfortable, but a good environment.

I got our take away dinner again. omg, it's fantastic. The food isn't anything I would usually eat at home but it's just wonderful to not cook, and Tova loves it. It is however VERY, very salty, even Tova asks for a drink of water half way through. We are enjoying it. It also means that next time we come here we could actually stay in a hotel room with no kitchen if we wanted to. That has potential to save lots of money. Today the food for the day cost me $5 for both of us. This is because meals are included in the fees that I paid for Peto (meals for Tova) and I just eat soup for lunch. Breakfast is oats and fruit.

Yuval would love this food.

I'm going to let Tova stay up till 8.30 tonight. Hopefully that will help with the crazy, and veyr hillarious door knocking, sheet hiding, naked making Tova. grr.

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