Getting to Graz

The trip was epic.
Business class made it easier. Tova and Nissim were such good babies, the flight crew agreed and fell in love with them too. Yuval was praised for being an amazing husband and aba quite a few times.

Priority service, lots of leg room and seats that reclined into almost flat beds make me wonder how we will ever be able to travel 'pleb' again!

Our first flight was from Melbourne to Sydney, we made a few discoveries during this 2 hour flight, firstly that we had way too much carry on luggage and secondly that Nissim didn't like the feeling in his ears.

The next flight to Singapore took about 9 hours. Pretty uneventful, babies were both good, they took turns to sleep, but sleep they did!  Tova had a few hours sleep in the bassinet provided by the plane. We didn't have one at our seats, but the girls next to us said that we were more than welcome to use the bassinet. Nissim spent some time watching 'In the night garden' with headphones.

In Singapore we had to take everything off the plane and wait for an hour or so to re-board. We had some help to schlep two babies and 4 bags to the business lounge where we had a small relax.

The next flight was from Singapore to Frankfurt - 12 HOURS!!
More 'Night Garden', sleeping and lots of eating. In Frankfurt we asked for some assistance getting to Lufthansa. Without someone walking with us (not helping to carry anything for some strange reason), we would have found ourselves very lost.

The flight attendants on the Sing-Frank flight had been quite touched by our story and had given us a bottle of really nice Penfolds wine, the Lufthansa security took it off us because some idiot tried to bomb a plane a week ago and for some reason that meant we couldn't take a bottle of liquid that was over 100mills. So, that was that.

We spent about 3 hours in the Lufthansa business lounge then the one hour flight to Graz!
The rest is very blurry. Tova was completely over it by then and was very sad. She passed out in the Taxi and didn't wake up for about 6 hours.

Tova and I have found adjusting to the time zone very difficult, the boys on the other hand have been coping very well. I am hoping that tomorrow (2nd Jan) Tova and I will be back to normal.