Day 17 - Peto

Tova was less 'sad' and 'grumpy' today. I sat in the room again, working (I can't actually see her from where I sit, but I can hear her).
At the end of the day I watched her for 20 mins. She's funny. It was good to see her get completely frustrated and finding an activity very hard. She didn't want to do it, because it was so hard. I love that. I love that she is being challenged. The activity was walking backwards. The conductor working with her was outstanding. He is softly spoken and gentle, with the patience of a 'something very patient'.
She really didn't want to walk backwards, it's hard for her. Once she finally made it to the next activity she was very happy. Side stepping in a ladder on the floor and then crawling along a bench seat like a doggie. She likes activities like that, obstacle courses.

The photos I took of her today were of her watching Mr Bean in her lunch break. But for some reason they haven't syncd to my cloud and I'm too lazy to do a manual file transfer. So.. no photos yet.

Most evenings here in Budapest Tova has been so annoying. It's unusual. At home she pretty much goes to be at bed time. Maybe a bit of fussing, but nothing we can't handle. But here. omfg. I want to slap her. She takes the sheets of the beds, she bangs on her door, kicks her door, shouts, takes her clothes off, hides her bedding and so on.
I usually go in and put things back in order, if I move the bed from the wall to tuck the sheets in, she goes down the side between the bed and wall with delight. If I shout at her, she laughs as though it's the best joke ever. If I beg her and fight back my tears, she thinks that's great too.
I make the bed, put her back and tell her to stay.
I leave and the process starts again.
Some nights I've just let her bang on her door for 20 mins (sorry neighbours), other nights I get up and put her back. Tonight after the 4th time I couldn't take it any more. I didn't make the bed again, much to her disappointment and told her I was going to smack her (She was nodding yes, she loves the idea of being smacked, maybe because she doesn't understand what it means to actually be smacked..)
She was so sad that I didn't make her bed again, she even showed me where she had hidden her sheets. I also told her she wasn't getting the ipad or tv tomorrow and I walked out... She fussed for a while, but it was about 10pm by then, so.. she fell asleep eventually

I hope this is just a Budapest thing. Yuval, she is all yours, every night for a good month if she's like that these days. I really can't take it.

Day 16 - Peto

It's my birthday!
Yesterday at bed time I talked to Tova about tomorrow it being my birthday and that she should come into my bed in the morning and sign 'Happy birthday Imma'. She took it all in and understood. It was very cute. So.... This morning I woke up with a Tova next to me (she'd come in at about 3am). When she woke up I said "is there anything you want to tell me?"
She took a while and then signed 'Happy birthday'. So sweet. And then she asked about cake. Cake, cake, cake, cake. Can we have cake?

We got cake on the way to school and at her break we at it together.

I got my soup for lunch and a take away pack of food for tonight's dinner.. omg. I love not cooking. And I love that they give us enough food for two for about $3.

Why did I still have so many dishes?

After school we walked up to the shopping centre. I wanted a scrolly cinnamon thingy. So we got one of those, some other cake and bananas. And walked home... in the dark.. at 4.30pm...

Got home.. and ate.. cake... and that dinner. and cake.

At peto today the Israeli family are back. The dad was there today. It was nice to hear Hebrew. It made me miss Yuval, who actually says quite a bit of Ivrit at home.. Hmm. I never really thought much of it, but every time the dad said a hebrew word that Yuval says frequently I missed yuval. And Nissim. Wow. Nissim is great at Hebrew.

I worked all day, in the back of the class room again, not wanting to be alone.

Tova was in a sad and grumpy mood all day. I could hear her from where I was sitting. I couldn't do much about it because I'm so busy with work. I felt guilty, but I also feel gulity to not work.. I know she is in good hands. And there are no other hands to do my work.. so.. well. this is life.

Birthday Cake

Snuggly Sunday

Tova and I rugged up today. We had a nice lazy morning, Yuval read Tova some books (Google Talk) and sang songs with her for a while.
Then we went on bus 5 to the City. I didn't really have any plans.. Tova wanted to go on a train and have cake.. so that was our agenda for the day. We didn't do either. Instead we went to the city and our feet took us to the shull. In the rain. Tova stayed nice and dry under snuggly clothes and a plastic pram protector. I stayed warm and mostly dry too. Which is one up on yesterday.

The Shull is beautiful, Yuval would like the mosaic floors. Tova was annoyed there wasn't a concert on. I think she is of the opinion that if it's a beautiful old building there will be a performance of some kind.. We had a quick look around in there. It's very tricky with a pram/wheelchair. I'm glad we went there.

Then we wandered off to find lunch. It took ages. Tova was getting upset. I went into one place that were charging 9700 hufs for brunch.. but we didn't want buffet/brunch. BUT there was a piano player with a chellothingy player, so it was very hard to convince Tova that we weren't going to eat there. She cried when we left.
We ended up at what looked like some little dingy restaurant, but when the menu came out it was all expensive fine dining. However, there was no turning back now. I had a starving Tova. So we got her some food, she complained lots that they should hurry up. lol.. hmm...
After eating we wandered slowly back to the bus and home. It was kinda a nothing day. And no cake and no train. I'm not really sure where the trains actually go. They are all underground and that's all I know.

I wanted to get Nissim a present today. But seriously there isn't anything. A magnet that says Budapest? REAL fur hats, NO THANK YOU! um... wooden objects that I can't take back on the plane coz of customs and that's about it really. There isn't anything special that we can't get at home.. Except for the food.. but I can't take food back. So.. I think he will just have to come here next time and eat.

It was a cold rainy day in Budapest, but we stayed warm and dry. It's so beautiful here, even the rain is beautiful here. It's such a fairy wonder land.

Bus stop 5 in the city
Bus stop 5 in Budapest

Budapest synagogue
Shull budapest

Budapest Shull

Tova at shull budapest
Tova at shull budapest

Mosaic Floor at the Budapest Synagogue
Mosaic Floor at the Budapest Synagogue

That's pretty
That's pretty

budapest shull

Jewish Memorial Budapest
Jewish Memorial Budapest

A cold Saturday in Budapest

Love to all my family in Paris.... All are accounted for, even the ones who were at the game are safe.. thank god. Thanks for letting me know mum.

I'm also happy that all my family in Israel are safe after daily terroist attacks..I'm not sure if they are reported in mainstream media, because I don't read/watch/follow mainstream media.

After I checked the travel warnings about 10 times this morning Tova and I went out to Budapest city.
I know my way around a bit now, that feels nice.
We got on our two busses. One stops near the trainy thing that goes up the hill, Tova reaaaaly wanted to do that again.. But I didn't, so, coz I'm the boss sometimes we didn't. Instead we walked across the chain bridge because mum said she did that heaps when she was here. We wanted to be like her and Grandpa.

The next mission was to see the Shoes. It was so windy walking up the side of the Danube that we had to stop and face away from the sand storm at times. It was freezing wind too. Poor Tova with her low tone in her mouth, she probably ate some. It for sure was in our eyes.
We spend some powerful time at the shoes. Thinking of the poor people that were shot into the Danube not so long ago, simply for being Jewish. I was thinking 'stuff you Hitler, here I am, a Jew, with my Jewish daughter...'
Tova and I sat there for a while. There were quite a few people there taking photos and lots of tour groups. I was surprised actually. The Jewishness of Budapest is a big tourist draw card. It's great.

After that we walked towards the Ferris Wheel, because actually, that was the point of the day. Tova wanted to go on a Ferris Wheel.
We walked past a big church and Tova wanted to go in.. So we went in.
Next stop lunch.. Traditional Hungarian Goulash. It was funny eating it with Tova because when I was pregnant with her I couldn't even hear the word goulash without wanting to vomit from morning sickness.. And avocados.. omg..We also had pickled red cabbage in a picked red capsicum, Tova liked it to my surprise. And she likes Tomato now.. cut up small.. how cute! You won't believe it Yuvie..

After lunch I had an salon appointment, which was right near where we had eaten lunch (by chance) and it was an adventure to find the place. I have a great video of us using the elevator.. I'll add it..

Then the ferris wheel. OMFG, SO NOT MY THING! What happened to me? I'm not sure when it happened but I feel like I've all of a sudden (but it could have been slowly) developed a fear of small spaces and heights.. oh and swinging back and forth in a small space, up high.. and everything else involved with that. My stomach went into knots.. But.. Tova wanted to go on.. so we got a ticket.
We got in and Tova asked to get out.. ooooh, it was so tempting.. but I said 'no, we should give it a go'. I did however ask how I can get off after the first twirl, if that's what I wanted to do. They showed me a 'red button'.. right..
We made it around our allocated 3 times. Tova did look a bit scared.. she was brave though.

We were going for cake after that, but that never happened. We walked around the amazing malls that have stalls and lights, and food, and people, and smells, and freezing cold..... It was great.
There was stage set up with a performance of some kind, 100% in Hungarian. I didn't understand a word. Tova LOVED it. She made us stand there for a good 40 mins watching and listening. I was freezing, I wasn't as rugged up as her especially after I'd donated her my jumper as a blankie. It was worth it to see the delight on her face. AND HEY>> BUDAPEST..... Where are your buskers? It seems like the type of place that would have buskers, but they just don't seem to be around. Maybe it's too cold? We haven't looked in the metro, maybe they are all underground?

Then home via the supermarket coz everything is closed tomorrow.

Oh yeh, thanks for Lunch UV.. you paid.. ;-)

Shoes Danube
Shoes Danube

Front of church
Front of church


Sziget - budapest
Sziget - budapest

Scary ferris wheel
scary ferris wheel budapest


Budapest mally thingy
Budapest mally thingy


Day 15 - Peto

No photos today. I hung out in Tova's class room all day (at the desk working). I didn't want to be alone, again... My work is quite stressful and I just need the happy sounds around me. My cute little Tova. It was nice to hear her and be close to her all day.

So.. one more week to go. It will be nice to be home. I do want to stay here at the same time. But there are only a few more weeks of school till summer holidays and more Conductive Ed in Adelaide.
Not to mention that I miss my boys. Lots.

Tova and I are going to have FUN this weekend. I'm so in the need for a break.. And so is she! I'd love to find more buskers for her to watch. Hopefully magic will happen like last Saturday.
I think Tova want's to go on a train. So perhaps we'll do that at some stage. Not sure where to yet. Some where beautiful, which isn't hard, because we are in magic fairy land!

Oh yeh. Today I got my soup AND got the main meal as a take away (they provide take away containers).. So I didn't have to cook tonight. AND it's only about $4 for a massive meal that we can share. I imagine that next week I'll do that every single day. Pff, why shop? WHY COOK?! This is amazing. I'm glad I discovered this.

Day 14 - Peto

Tova is doing well. I sat in the class room (away from Tova so she couldn't see me) for most of the day. I was set up with my computers working, but I just needed happy people around me. I couldn't sit in the computer lab today. I'm too stressed by the work I'm doing and needed the positive and loving energy of the people in Peto and hearing Tova's voice every now and then, it helped keep my spirits up.

Tova is doing great with her eating skills and excellent with her drinking skills. I'm impressed with her. She's a little princess.
I did manage to leave my power cords at Peto today so had to run back up there this afternoon to get them so I can spend my night working. yay. Anyway, it's good exercise.
It was another short sleeves day today. Apparently it's usually snowing at this time of year.. I'm glad it's not.
My friend in Australia had a kidney transplant today. I hope all went well. He's about 9 years old. His dad donated a Kidney to someone in Sydney that donated one back to the 9 year old. AMAZING. I'm looking forward to hearing how it all went.

Tova is very ready for the weekend. I love that she is excited about weekends.

Day 13 - Peto

Time goes fast.. I feel like we have been here for ages, but not long enough. I can't believe we are half way through this week.

Budapest was a stunning, sunny and warm city today. I've spent the entire day in a tshirt/ short sleeves. It's great. The windows and doors were open at Peto too, so lovely breathing fresh air. I'm happy Tova got to experience air for her day. There is a massive balcony outside of the room she is in.
Tova had a good day today. There are currently only 3 kids, and that is for the morning, in the afternoon, it was just Tova. Tomorrow though, there are a few newbies (but have been here before) coming. So it will be busier.

I sat with Tova while she ate her lunch today, she skyped with Aba for a little bit while she was eating. I'm sure he liked seeing her. She loved seeing him.
After lunch I went and got my soup and brought it up to the class room. I then moved all my computing gear in there and sat in the room (out of view from Tova) and did my work for the arvo. It was nice listening to everything that was going on with Tova. I'm still not sure how they maintain thier energy with kids all day. I can't think of many things I'd like to do less. I'm sure they probably feel the same about spending the day doing computer code.

It was so warm this morning.
No jackets walking to Peto this morning

Walking home this arvo
Walking home this afternoon.. lovely and warm Budapest

Day 12 - Peto

I'm pretty sure Tova had a good day today at Peto (Budapest School). I have lots of work on so I didn't go up for the first break, but I went up for lunch and at the end of her day. Both times she was busy doing walking things with hoops and rings. When she sees me it's pretty much all over concentration wise. But I get a glimps. The conductors continue to impress me. They have so much energy even when they are tired.

After school today we went out for dinner. It was probably about 4.30pm when we got to the restaurant (just down the street, half way between peto and our flat).
They were happy enough to seat and serve us.
There was a menu in English, so we read that. There was a couple of types of Chalent even, since we can have that anytime at home from the Jewish Grandamas, we decided to have salmon and chicken.
Both dishes were yum. Tova ate so much as usual. I even had a glass of wine with my dinner, it was a very small glass, but went straight to my head. I'm not very alcohol tolerant.

We walked home at about 5.30pm, it was pitch black dark.. as if it was the middle of the night.

We got home and Tova had a bath. We are both sitting here in my bed now, her on the tablet watching the military tattoo and me writing this.

I didn't have my soup today. AND we didn't even buy cake today either. THANK GOODNESS.

Dinner.. I didn't cook
Dinner.. I didn't cook

walking home in the dark at 5.30pm
walking home in the dark at 5.30pm

Day 11 - Peto

Tova was sad this morning. I think she's home sick. She took ages to go to sleep last night and slept in. At least she slept in.
It's Monday night now, about 8pm. She's been fussing in her room for the past 20 - 30 mins. But I'm not interested. I know she's tired. She gets tired at Peto from working hard. But for some reason she can't relax in her room. It's warm in there, it's cozy in there and there is sleepy time music. I don't know.... It's stressful.
I was working in the computer lab as usual for the day. Apparently Tova was a good girl for most of her day in her 'class'. She showed me a few tricks at the end of the day when I went to get her.
We got cake on the way to school this morning and ate most of it this afternoon at home. I'm actually almost over it. I'm feeling a bit gross.
I was in the shops today and asked someone if they could tell me what 'that says', pointing at a word on a packet of food. The lady replied in an Australian accent 'hmmmmm. not sure'. Of course I ask the only other Australian I've seen in 2 weeks... clever.. she'd just got off the plane and is only here for a few days. Competing in a bodybuilding contest. Even though she is the tiniest person I've ever seen.

Tova is being an arse hole. I'm going to see what she wants. She's banging on the door.

She had her arm stuck in her shirt.. fixed.. put back to bed and ignored.

I'm pretty sure my soup was tomato soup today, with alphabet noodles... funny.

cabbage juice... no thanks.. I did buy the beetroot one out of curiosity though..
cabbage juice... no thanks.. I did buy the beetroot one out of curiosity though..

Another Sunday in Budapest

My house in Budapest
My hidden treasure chest
Golden grand piano
My beautiful Castillo

I've had this in my head all day, why should I be the only one? Enjoy!

Yooouooo, youuuu....

We didn't do really anything much today. We stayed in the flat for most of the day. I took Tova to the park at one stage. I realised it was an amazing day when I opened all the windows and felt a warm breeze.. wtf.. It was like a summers day. At leat it was for the afternoon.

We also had a chat to our neighbour (the owner of the flat's mum), she had made some cake and gave some to Tova and I. I accidentally dropped half of it on the floor, in front of her..... well done me! The rest we ate.. YUM! For real apple cake, no sugar.. so delicious! The apples she has been collecting in the stair well. Her friend has apple trees.

Ooh, you
Ooh, I'd leave it all........ (you're welcome!)

I was feeling a bit home sick today. It's a stupid feeling.

Last night Tova wouldn't go to sleep. She has also discovered the light switch in her room and is having fun turning it on at bed time. I gave up putting her back to bed after the 100th time and left her door open. She ended up in my bed watching vampire diaries etc until about 11.30pm, when FINALY she fell the fu#k to sleep. Ffs.
It's Sunday night at about 8.30pm now. She's been in her room for about 40 mins. I thought she'd be so tired after not sleeping much last night. But oh no... I can still hear her fussing. Perhaps she has an issue now about sleeping in a room with the light on.. well.. if she knows how to turn it on, she can bloody turn it off too.. She usually sleeps so well at home. Here she's been having trouble. I wonder why. And she gets tired at Budapest school. I might have a chat to them about it. I guess she could be a bit home sick too.. but.. hmmm

Apple Cake - so yum!
Apple Cake - so yum!

Tova rock climbing in Budapest
Tova rock climbing in Budapest

Another Budapest Saturday

After taking it easy in the morning Tova and I had breakfast and relaxed a bit. Then I did some housework, in Budapest... odd.. it felt odd.
After being all domestic we went out and about. We didn't go far. Just down the road a bit to the train that goes up the hill.
We stood in line for quite a while and then got on the trainy thingy that goes up the hill. Tova liked it lots, which was nice to see. The second we got to the top and walked out the doors there were two buskers.. one playing the violin and one the guitar. I said out loud "my work here is done!". This would have made Tova's day complete. We actually didn't need to do anything else. And every time I suggested we go look around the magic fairy tale land we had just landed in, she said 'NO'.
They took a break which allowed me to move on.. We didn't get far, because there was what I assume is the changing of the guard outside some official building (wow, I'm so ignorant about this place). The solders were playing drums and marching.. One of Tova's favourite things to watch is the Military tattoo... so.. that went down well.

It was as though it was all planned.. just for Tova.
We walked around on the cobbled streets which was funny for Tova in the pram. Bumpity bump... We walked past things like turrets. And found ourselves in the Museum. I'm not sure why, but they let us in for free. Maybe it's free.. Maybe not.. who knows.. but it was great. We left the pram downstairs and Tova walked up the stairs holding my hand. A few other tourists were admiring how clever Tova is. Nice. and true...
We looked at a few things, Tova loved the touch screen Tv's and found a room about the orchestra, much to her delight.

Tova wanted to go find the violin and guitar players again. So we walked off. First we went exploring a little and ended up at a stunning church. The people at the door said it wasn't open for the public (they said that to the person in front of me). I asked if they ever had any orchestra or performances in there. She said that currently at that very moment, there was a choir practice about to start. I asked if we could go in and watch. She said "Yes". Lucky. So we went in and sat next to some older ladies in a pew. We waited and then watched the singing for a while. Tova asked to leave after about 20 - 30 mins, she was confused why no one was clapping. Maybe people don't clap in church. She was also disappointed that there was no piano.
The inside of the building was stunning. Everything is so detailed.

Outside had started to rain a tiny, tiny bit. But it made me worry that we'd get all wet. If it hadn't started to rain I imagine we'd have wandered around for ages more, we passed a market even. It looked cool.. But we went back down the trainy thingy on the hill and got the busses home.

Getting a bus in Budapest with a pram/wheelchair is a challenge. I've been caught in the closing doors twice. Once I didn't even make it out, they slammed in my face. The other time I got squashed but pushed my way out. You have to be FAAASTTT.. Which is tricky with a Tova. Oh well.. I also find it a big challenge to get a ticket. It's impossible to find anywhere that sells tickets, but you can get them from the driver, if the bus isn't full, which it always is. And if it isn't, it's so hard because they drive off so fast.. and I have a Tova.. So. it's a bit overwhelming.

It was a good day, thanks to the music. It made a Tova happy.

Fiddlers on the roof
Fiddlers on the roof




Coat of arms?
So beautiful

Being delighted
Tova being delighted in Budapest

Day 10 - Peto

Yay it's Friday!

Tova is happy it's the weekend, mostly because it means she can go see an orchestra - I'd better find one.

Tova had another good day at Peto. I really, really like the Conductors. They are all lovely! And they are amazing with kids. There is something very special about these people.
I also love the European way - the strength of character! They are inspiring.
It's also interesting how they make things Tova can do, harder so she is challenged. In Australia, much of the time, things are made easier, so that she is able to do more, but with more assistance. I'm not really into that. It has it's place, but I do like Tova moving forward and improving in all aspects of herself. It's hard to explain. I guess Australia like equipment and I like Tova to use her body.

I went and got my soup for lunch and took it up to the room to eat with Tova upstairs. That was nice. She had a MASSIVE bowl of rice with fish fingers cut up fine.

The Deaf people that work at Peto visited me today. I opened the Hungarian Sign Dictionary on my computer, that was fun. It helped me explain why I was sitting in the computer room with 2 laptops and an ipad.

Tova went to the big kids/adults room for the afternoon. She likes it in there. She met with a new conductor, a male and she wouldn't let anyone else hang out with her apparently. Then when I turned up to pick her up, she told me to go away because she was busy with the conductor playing. SO CUTE! So fantastic. I'm going to try and convince him to move to Australia.

Ok so the cake update. We went to the shops after Budapest school and got some snacks including a strange local thingy. I'm not sure what it's called. I'll look at the name next time I'm up there. But see the pic. It tastes pretty much exctly how I expeted it to taste.
I also got a beer (It costs about 90cents for a beer here).. we are going to party it up tonight Tova and I.

The doggy and family are going home this weekend, back to Ireland. They showed me the doggy passport. For real passport. So cool. Such a beautiful dog.

I'm pretty sure that Budpaest is one of my most favorite places in the world. I don't usually feel like this about places I visit. But here. well.. .. . I could stay! And be happy.

Doggy Passport
Dog passport

Budapest beer

Scrolly Thing

Day 9 - Peto

We wandered up to Peto this morning, I haven't timed the walk, but it's probably about 10-15 mins.
We stood around for about 10-15mins until everyone was ready.. Then I went downstairs to work.
At snack time I went back up and sat with Tova for a while. It's fun watching her eat.
I went up again for lunch. The conductors had a meeting at 1ish, so Tova and I hung out together for a while. I took her to the cafeteria, she watched me eat soup. The people that work there were trying to give me a bowl of food for Tova, I had to try and explain that she had already eaten upstairs. Then I fell all self conscious that people were watching me eat and not letting my poor starving child eat. I would have shared it with her, but she wasn't interested. She enjoys watching people eat.
Tova went back to her class after that and that was pretty much our day.

We got cake and some fruit on the way home. I'm actually so full from helping Tova eat her lunch and snacks, and having my own lunch and dinner, I can't eat all my cake today. Anyway, it's not as good as yesterday. The cakes yesterday were amazing.

Us having our time together on the floor..
Floor selfies

hallway walking

Cake of the day
Cake, cake, cake

Day 8 - Peto

This cake thing is possibly a mistake. But we are doing it anyway. We are up to day 2.. It's yummy so far.
for about $3 we got two cakes and a coffee this morning and ate the cake this evening after dinner. I was only going to have a little bit of my half. So I divided it and put the rest of mine in the fridge, opened the fridge and ate it all. Tova ate her half too.
The coffee is revolting.. but.. coffee..

We decided to arrive at Peto at 9am.. Instead of 8.30am. We were told it starts at 8.30am, but every time I get there at 8.30am I stand around for about 40mins doing nothing, with no one giving me any direction and a frustrated Tova not knowing what to do. I did ask the other day, but wasn't told anything. I was more shrugged off. So.. I give up and will just arrive at 9ish, it seems as though they have it together at 9ish. So. that's good.
On the way to 'Budapest School' we pass road works. But road works in Budapest is quite different to Australia. There is no barrier. We can touch the heavy machinery if we wanted to. We could get hit by flying rocks etc.. it's interesting. Tova hates the loud noise and cries while covering her ears. Cute.

Tova is doing well with food and drinking. And she has developed some good new fine motor skills. I wonder if we should stay for a couple more weeks.. hmmmmmmm

Maybe a conductor want's to come and live in Australia with us for a year or two.. hmmmmmm

Our days are filled with Therapy, work and food. We are enjoying ourselves.

Here is a story

It was about 9pm.. Someone was ringning on the door bell phone thingy. I ignored it. Then after the second time I said 'helllo?', they didn't speak English. So I spoke English and they spoke Hungarian.
I messaged my landlord (Marcelle - lovely guy who lives accross the road), he said he isn't home and his parents aren't home.. (they live in the flat next to me)...
So then it was quiet..
Then the people that were ringing the bell were wandering around the stair well, so somehow they got in. This was a bit noisy. Tova started fussing (She had been trying to fall asleep).
There was a knock on my door. I said "who is it".... No answer.. There is pretty much no way in the world I'm going to open the door to someone that isn't answering me.
I went and grabbed Tova from her room.
I thought, if it's the fire people there would be a firetruck out the front. or a police car. Tova and I looked out the front from the balcony.
The person at the door wasn't talking. I rang Marcelle.
He said he was 2 mins away. When he turned up I opened my door (I knew it was him coz when I rang him I could hear his phone ring in the stairwell.)
He said it was the police that had been trying to get in the building. Because the lady downstairs had called the police as someone broke into her flat - through the kitchen window. Aparently she is hard of hearing so she didn't hear to door bell, the neighbours aren't home, which meant that the police were bugging me to let them in.
I guess eventually the lady let them in and they came up to my flat to see why I didn't let them in.. lol..
So the lady downstairs was scared waiting for the police.. I was scared because there was so much noise.. and blah
Stupid robbers making problems

More cake

Tova eating Spaghetti.
Tova eating Spaghetti.

Road works
Road work

Day 7 - Peto

I'm on a soup quest. Yesterday kohlrabi soup, today.. I'm not exactly sure.. perhaps vegetable soup.. Awesome soups.
Oh.. and I've been introduce to cake. Dear lord. Tova and I may need an extra seat each on the way back home. Cake costs next to nothing here and it's divine. I've decided that our new mission should be a piece of cake a day keeps the doctor away. I'll give it a go at least for a few days. Today is day 1.. success. yum. It's possible that I've eaten two pieces of cake today, but forgot to photograph the first one. The second one Tova selected and she did well. Some sort of orange, chocolate, nut thingy..


Tova and I walked to the Peto in the morning. There was frosty, crispy, frozen leaves on the ground. It reminded me of growing up in Hobart and walking to school on cold mornings.

I'm pretty sure Tova is working hard at Peto. She is still happy to go there. She still is kicking me out of the room and tells me to go downstairs to work. She's very, very, very, very cute.
I missed Nissim lots today. There was a grandson of one of the conductors in the room today, he is about 4 with no special needs. He made me think of Nissim, which made me miss Nizo.. my cute little man.

Tova and I have had dinner and are now sitting on my bed, she is watching Barenboim and I'm doing this. I think she must be his biggest fan.

Oh I went up and had lunch with Tova. She is getting a bit annoyed about all this chewing work she has to do.. my poor little baby.. but.. Sorry Tova, people chew. She took about 100 years to eat her massive bowl of chicken and rice. I went downstairs after that and worked.

After 'budapest' school, Tova and I went to the shops to get Soy Yogurt and cake. It's pretty cold out there. The inside of buildings in Europe is a billion degree, so when you go outside it's unexpected.

Day 6 - Peto

I like this place. I like the atmosphere.. Maybe it's because I can't read nor understand anything. It's kinda fun
The weekend went so fast. It's hard to believe it's Monday. Tova and I walked up the hill to Peto. She went to class and I went to the computer lab to work.
Last week was school holidays so there weren't many people around. Today I had to share 'my office'. People were talking to me and I didn't even notice.. I turned around at one stage and everyone was staring at me.. haha. I got a fright.. They were looking at me as if to say 'why aren't you answering us?'.. lol.. 'oooh', I said, 'um.. gosh. I don't understand you lot, not even if you say hello to me'. they laughed...

I went up to have lunch and snacks with Tova. She is so cute. They are trying so hard to get her to chew. She is trying so hard to chew.. She was eating some fancy Croissant thingy this morning. Rice for lunch.

I was brave too and went to the cafeteria and got some soup. Kolrahbi soup.. It was ok.. It had cream it in.. oh well.. I was starving and my only other option is that food machine that has no coin slot.. it's only got very junk food. Or yes, I could bring my own food.. but that's not going to happen.

There are only 3 kids including Tova in her group at the moment. So that's nice.

We miss Nissim. He has sports day today. GO NISSIM!

Sunday - Budapest

1st Nov 2015:

We slept in, and took it easy for the morning. We hand lunch and then went to the river as I wanted to do something special for Tova.. the boat cruise with the musicians.. Hmm. So we got to the ticket booking office and they said that the cruise in the day time didn't have music, it had lunch. The night cruise has the musicians. Tova told me she would like to go on the boat anyway.. so I got tickets. It's just a one and a half hour cruise, so I figured Tova could handle that with out getting too bored.

We got on the boat and were given sparkling wine and orange juice. I had the wine obviously.. Tova even let me sit down for a few moments to have a couple of sips. But anyway, I was too trigger happy with my camera to really care much about the drink.

Tova did well. Especially each time we went under a bridge. And actually for the first 50 mins or so, she was great, watching the buildings go past etc.. but she did end up getting bored and wanting to climb walls. Thank goodness for youtube and hoopla doopla. She watched an episode and then was ok again for the last bit.

We walked towards the white bridge, where I know my bus leaves from and made it just as the bus was pulling up again.. we seem to have a knack for that.. We got on and someone said "OH HI SHOSHANA".. haha. It didn't even seem strange. But thinking about it now, it really is. So it was Eszter, the lady that lives in the flat next to where Tova and I are staying, and actually she owns our flat. She was in the city checking up on one of her other flats that she rents out to tourists via AirBNB.
We sat with her and chatted. It was nice to not worry about where to get off the bus (even though I've got it figured out now'). We walked back together and that was that. So nice.

Amazing building budapest

I woke to this lovely view
My view when I woke

Lunch on the balcony
Balcony Lunch.

Under a bridge Danube
Under the bridge

Pretty sun
Pretty sun

My Budapest bff
Budapest bff

Saturday - Budapest

Oct 31 2015:

It's our second weekend here, but first without jet lag.

It's so nice here!
I do love Europe, and Budapest, you are amazing! Do I really have to go home?

Yuval, come move here!

Today I did some work in the morning and then realised that .. omfg it's the weekend and most people don't work on weekends, I don't even remember the last time I didn't work on a weekend (other than flying here, which so doesn't count).. So.. I put the laptops away and took Tova out for the rest of the day. We went to the city.
Tova was absolutely delighted to be going on a bus. She was excited at the thought of seeing buskers.

We got the number 5 all the way to the city. We got off at some random stop and wandered around. Because I got a sim card the other day, I have GPS. This is fantastic.. But first we wandered along the river and Google Hangouts video chatted with Yuval, so he walked along the Danube.. I'm pretty sure this river goes all the way through Austria too.. Tova has seen this river in her symphony orchestra videos.

So we wandered along for a while with Aba, then let him go to bed because I think it was 100 oclock in Melbourne.
Then my gps got us lost for a while. I found our way and we made our way to the Grand Synagogue. Yep, it's grand! It's huge. It was so fantastic to be in the Jewish area. I felt comfortable.
Tova demanded food.. so we stopped at a restaurant near the shull and she had salad and potatoes.. omfg.. I've never seen Tova eat lettuce before. And cucumber. My eyes and brain can't believe what I'm seeing. I have to cut things up small, but not puree nor mash. craaaaazy.

Tova enjoyed walking around and was delighted that we had to go down and up stairs to cross a road. I wasn't so delighted as we had the pram. But people helped us. People are good here.. People are generally good everywhere.. but it's nice to know they are good here too.
I think it would be much more fun with our boys. Next year I hope they will come. We'll be coming back that's for sure.

We noticed a massive ferris wheel. Maybe we will do that tomorrow for the morning or arvo.. or next weekend.. I did see that there are tickets to go on a 1.5 hour cruise with a concert (classical music) along the river.. hmm.... I guess we should do something like that. It would thrill Tova.

Perhaps I was a touch lost when we decided to start walking back to the bus.. (Thankfully I had taken photos of the bus stop when we got off, and the surrounding area)... I managed to somehow stumble across a mall - The main mall - which had a tourist info box in it.. I showed them my photos and they pointed me in the right direction. It was amazing walking through the malls. There is food everywhere, people everywhere too. It's stunning, alive and interesting. So, we wandered off and managed to pretty much just walk straight onto our bus, which was about to leave. I felt very impressed with myself.

Budapest Buildings
Buildings in Budapest

Me and Cat
This guy hangs around our flat. He's so cute.. I couldn't help myself, I had to pat him.

Tova loved these guys. I couldn't look at half of it, they were spinning in their heads and everything.

Pretty Shull
Budapest Grand Shull

Memorial at the shull
memorial at the shull budapest

I've no idea
Ummmm. what the... ?

Day 5 - Peto

Tova and I got to Peto in the morning and she pretty much kicked me out of the room right away.
I stayed for 15 mins or so and then set up downstairs in the computer room to work for the day.

I went upstairs for her snack and lunch break. I watched them make Tova a slice of bread with butter and a slice of cheese and some cut up capsicum. Of course I thought they were a little bit crazy doing that since Tova can't actually chew. OR CAN SHE!?
The conductor helped Tova to cut it up very small and then Tova fed it to herself. Pretty clever. It's going to be life changing if I don't have to cook and puree everything Tova eats.
Again at lunch, Tova had rice, corn and chicken. The chicken cut up small. It's hard work for her to move her mouth so much in the 'chewing motion'. I don't think she managed to eat her normal amount, and it takes her a long time. I think it's making her tired all this 'chewing'. But, it's the beginning and it's amazing.

After lunch Tova went to the teenagers/adults room and joined them for a Halloween party. When I went and picked her up at 3.30, she was so happy, laughing and playing with one of the male conductors. It was nice to see her having fun.

Tova walked most of the way home from Peto. She really isn't into the pram these days, she's been refusing for a few months and actually we are thinking about Wheel chairs which are more age appropriate and give her independence on longer walks.

Apartments Budapest style
Apartments Budapest style

Sour Cherry drink with a yearly dose of sugar.. hmm
Sour Cherry drink with a yearly dose of sugar.. hmm

Tree/fence.. strange.
Tree/fence.. strange.

Day 4 - Peto

We left the apartment at about 8.15 for the 8.30am start at Peto. It's a great walk. By the time we get up the hills and over all the bumps and cracks and crazy old footpaths, I feel like I've been to the gym for an hour. And Europeans keep the inside of buildings at a billion degree, so I usually melt by the time we get there.
Tova has been happy to go each day so far, that's a great sign.
I'm pretty sure we should move here.

I worked from the computer room again today.. Well I tried. I had to go buy internet to make that happen today. I was even brave enough to jump on the tram on the way back for the second time. I was actually too tired to walk by then. It took my half the day to get my own net. I'll make up the time in the evenings and weekend I guess. Shame.. Oh well..
Interestingly.. While I was stressing out about all the work I have to do and not being able to do it, I went and sat down for a few moments with the Irish mum (she's been here for 1.5 years, visiting home a few times here and there as it's only 2.5 hours away by plane). She helped me calm down about my client needing my time and me having an epic fail of an internet day.
I wandered off to go get ready to make the walk down and up to the shopping centre to fix the sim card that wasn't working. I noticed some people signing.. COOL! So.. I asked them in Auslan if they were deaf..It's the same signs for Deaf and Hearing in Auslan and Hungarian sign. We SASSED and signed, and understood each other. They lip read, but in Hungarian.. so I grabbed a Hungarian and asked them to say a couple of words.
I learned how to sing the word 'Hungary' and we discovered there are a few signs that are the same and have the same meaning. I felt so happy to have the 'conversation' with them. I'm amazed that we could communicated at all. That cheered me up.
They work at the Peto institute, apparently all the maintenance staff are Deaf. I love seeing signing everywhere. They wanted to see Tova so I took them over to the window to spy, but she was in a different room.
I was trying to tell them that Tova is 8 years old, but they thought I was saying I had 8 kids.. I laughed and said noooooooo.. lol. I'm not sure how to say 'age' in Hungarian sign.. but we ended up understanding each other. Fun.

Also when I arrived this morning some of the conductors said "Kristina says hi".. haha. this is the conductor from Canada.. they've been talking about me and Tova.. it's nice.

The conductors looking after Tova today were outstanding. Tova is going to get so much out of this program. She has already started to learn how to CHEW.. ffs.. amazing. I mean seriously amazing. And drinking from a cup properly.. it's just astounding.
TOmorrow I'll take my lunch breaks with Tova and be more involved than today. Today was all about going back and forth to the shops to get a stupid sim card working.. It's not stupid anymore because it works now.

Walking to and from shops

Walking to and from shops more

Vending machine with no coin slot.. no money slot at all
Vending machine with no coin slot.. no money slot at all

Day 3 - Peto

I like Budapest. I like Autumn. It's nice walking around in so many pretty leaves.
This morning Tova and I bumped into the Israeli lady when we got to Peto. We talked to her for a while. She is lovely. She was friendly and kind and I really liked talking to her. Her story is something like this. She is here for just this week with her little son, I think he is 3yrs old (I just made that up, I can't remember how old he is). She has a husband and 2 or 3 other kids back in Israel. Next year (or later this year, I also can't remember the finer details), she will move with her kids to Budapest (to the Jewish area) for an entire year. Her eldest will start school here, at the Jewish school and the little one will go to Peto.. for a year.. I'm jealous. That's very cool. I'd love that for Tova. There are actually many families like that here. Some are here for most of the year, and others have been coming twice a year for 10 or more years for a month at a time.. type thing. I'm one of the newbies. I'm most certainly not made to feel like a newbie or anything different. The other parents are very lovely. It's interesting to meet them.

So we got to the institute this morning and told that Tova was to join the other group, with the little kids.. Good. that's a bit more appropriate than being with teenagers and 20 year olds. Not that it mattered as they were all lovely and what not. BUT... I was asked to stay.. omfg. I've no idea why the office people didn't actually go and talk to the staff that run the classes.. It's so strange and so unprofessional. why didn't they just forward my email to the head of the international department. I just can't comprehend the stupidity.
I've currently got a massive client with a very, very small time frame to get her project up and running. I've been spending every last moment of my world working on this project. I must get it done, this client is relying on me. There is no way I can spend my days sitting bored to death in a room pretending to be interested in therapy with Tova. I pay people on purpose, I'm not interested. I told them as much. And that I had triple, triple checked before I left Australia many times, in advance, that I would NOT be required to be in the room with Tova. I can't think of many things I'd like to do less.

We compromised. I went back to the apartment (jogging, which was fun) grabbed my computers and went back to the institute to work there for the day. There is a library downstairs from Tova which I didn't use because they wouldn't let me keep my bag with me.. My bag that had all my computers.. ffs.. So I went to the room next door, a computer room and set up there. It's great actually. I'm going there again tomorrow for the day. No one else came in and no one came to get me about Tova.
But tomorrow I'll go upstairs for 2 breaks.. One to see her eat her morning snack and also for lunch, because they are teaching her to chew. They just talk about it as though it's something normal.. yeh.. she'll chew..Amazing.
So yes, there are a few shit things, but nothing shit about the therapy. I'm very impressed so far. The conductors (Therapists) are freeeeking lovely! Even dealing with a stressed out me. Impressive.

My office for the day..

walking to peto

On the way to peto

Day 2 - Peto

We got up at a more tolerable time this morning. 6ish I think. Tova was still in bed when I got up so I went and snuggled with her for a while. This sounds much better than it is. Tova Is actually horrible to sleep with and impossible to rest with. But I tried. It’s still nice to see her smile first thing in the morning.
It’s night now, after a long day and I have just put Tova to bed. I can hear her mucking around in her room. Which is fine, but dangerous and scary. She has no fear and is really nuts. She does dangerous things like try and climb walls standing on her bed etc.. and I just heard a bang, crash, laugh.. it’s freaking me out that it will be a bang, crash, cry. I went in when I heard the first bang, crash, laugh to investigate. I found a laughing Tova on the floor with her doona. She then fingerspelt to me ‘Slide’. Good one Tova.. So.. I’m a little on edge worrying about what she is going to break on her body. I also know if I go in each time it will make her do it more. But if I leave her alone she is going to get bored.

Tova had her first day today at Peto. Firstly. Before I came here I wrote about 40 emails with the Peto people. They were very, very, very unhelpful. If I wasn’t me, I would never have come. They are so unprofessional in the office. I may go find them to see why. But anyway. So they were terrible at communicating. But I did manage to get a few clear answers to some questions before I came here. Answers that helped me make the decision to come here rather than go back to Ability Camp in Canada.
1: 100% confirmation that there is a 4 week 8 year old group/session starting 26th October, with the opportunity to extend or shorten the visit if we like/dislike.
2: Peto have never, ever put little kids with teenagers or older, that offended them when I asked if they had ever done that (because I’d heard they had). They were appalled that I would ask such a stupid question.
3: I would not have to stay in the room with her to help or be part of the therapy as I have to work each day.
Right.. so I’m here. The staff know nothing about any 8 year old group. And thought it was strange that I asked about it
Tova is with not only in a group with teenagers but also the group has people in their early 20’s.
They were surprised when I started to leave for the day.

Tova is in a group of about 4. One man in his early 20's from America. Another man in his early 20's from Yemen. A young girl (teenager) from Ukraine. There are a few others that come and go. I think her group get's split up in the day, the others that come and go are 2 teenagers, one from Asia and one from England, and a girl (teenager) from Ireland.
All these people are LOVELY. I don't have a problem yet, with Tova being with these people, I do however wonder and am baffled about why they felt like they had to make stuff up/lie to me about it. I mean, I was going to find out the day I got here right. So what's the point. Aren't they going to be embarrassed about how stupid they look now? I don't get it. Some people are Twits.

I've seen a few religious Jewish women floating about. I said hi to one today, she seemed shocked that I asked her if she was Jewish. Not sure why.. I asked if she spoke English, she said 'Ivrit'. Hmm I can say Shafan and that's about it really.. so then she said "yes and English". She is here from Israel. I don't know any more as I was walking into class with Tova. Anyway. Maybe we'll talk more over the time I'm here. The irish mums that are wandering about seem great. I had a chat with two of them. One has her dog with her. He flies with them. Amazballs.. what a dog dude. He even gets a seat because he is a working dog. LOVE IT!

When I picked Tova up I didn't get told any info. I was asking everyone. No one had anything to tell me. So I'm sure I'll find out in the morning. It was different staff this arvo than when I dropped her off in the morning.
I stuck around for a little while, but have a few projects on for work, so I had to go. I liked what I was seeing and felt brave enough to leave. Tova told me to go and then cried when I left.

No photos today...

Day 1 - Peto

Tova woke me up at about 4.30am. Thanks for that.
I did some work for a while, and pottered around until it was time to leave for Tova's first day at PETO.

I actually can't keep my eyes open. I'll write this tomorrow..

Ok. It's tomorrow today.
I passed out last night quite early, maybe 8.30pm.. gosh. Probably because Tova woke us up ta 4.30am that morning. Anyways. So... we went up the hill to the Peto Institute. It's about a 10 min walk from our apartment. We spent about 2 hours talking with someone about Tova’s history and our goals etc.. Then we were told to come back tomorrow. They think Tova will only last half a day. I laughed. I said.. “you’ll see”.. She’d stay till midnight if she could.

Tova and I went back to the apartment. I worked all day and she watched orchestra people playing Straus.
My work was being frustrating so we went for a walk to the shopping centre in the afternoon. We found, much to Tova’s delight, SUSHI. But it’s not normal sushi like Melbourne style. They cut it into bits and, too hard to explain.. See the image. We got HEAPS. I asked for two rolls, and we got….. see photo. We ate it all of course. Tova refused to leave any. I wasn’t very hungry but ate some so that she wouldn’t eat it all and pop. Crazy eater Tova.

There are dogs. There are dogs in shops here. People don’t leave dogs tied up out the front of shops, they take them into shops. There are even Vets in shopping malls. It’s how it should be!

Sushi budapest style

Umbrellas in the shopping centre.. who knows why?


Tova and I are in Budapest!

We left at midnight on Thursday night, flew for a billion hours (maybe 26 travel hours) and arrived Friday morning Budapest time. Independence Day too I've been told.

We had one very, very quick stop (1 hour) in Doha, then onto Budapest. I asked Tova on that second flight "Do you want to go on another plane?" Boy did she shake her head in one big definite "NO, no thanks, no way, nope, nooooo". So funny, so cute. I also was very over it by then.

Tova does flying well. She sleeps a bit, watches lots, looks out the window a tiny bit and mostly behaves very well. She like everyone else gets bored and uncomfortable. But she's a good girl. We had a little boy in the seat behind us that, for the time he was awake, would not stop opening and closing and banging and crashing with the back of the seat tray, the mum just didn't care. She let him do it, over and over and over. Mostly on Tova's chair. I moved her a few times, but she wanted to be where she wanted to be and didn't seem terribly bothered by it.. so I let it go. This kid also flicked the lights on, and off, and on, and off, and on, and off, and on, and off. I was too scared to put the eye mask on because I wanted to keep an eye on the non sleeping Tova. So.. meh.. whatever. It was annoying but out of my hands. He did sleep for bloody ages, so it wasn't so bad. Just strange that the mum didn't do anything, maybe she was sleeping?

Doha airport looks small from the sky, but trust me, it's not small at all, in fact it's humongous. We had to get a a buggy to drive us for about 5 mins to an elevator to go down a floor and walk for a few mins to then get a bus to our plane. We made it just in the nick of time.
On the flight from Melbourne, Tova and I were wandering the isles and Tova found a lady sleeping on 3 seats, Tova thought it was fantastic and wanted to join her.. lol.. I said no. The lady laughed. When we got off in Doha we met that lady, who just happens to live in Hobart near my Dad's house. She helped me with bags for a while and I got her fast tracked as my bag helper so she didn't have to line up for ages. Then she walked with me to my gate until we found the sign that said "10 - 15 min walk to gate blah", that's when we parted ways and I got a buggy ride.

We were met at the airport by a reasonably handsome Taxi guy, who carried both my suit cases, not wheeling them, but carrying them. Odd no? I told him there was nothing wrong with the wheels. I think he just wanted to look tough, which he sure did.. eye candy. So far there have been lots of very nice to look at people in Hungary. How do they do that?

We arrived in our posh suburb to a lovely little apartment, our home for the next month. We were met by the apartment owners, they are outstanding. They have gone out of their way to make sure we know where everything is. The husband walked around with us in the local area for about an hour, showing us where shops and busses are.

Tova and I went shopping on Saturday because everything is closed on Sundays. It's really hard to buy healthy, non dairy, free range, gluten free products, partly because I can't understand anything on the labels and partly because there isn't anything fresh. There are lots of rotting fruit and veg. Oh well. I noticed a fruit and veg stall the other day, so I'll go back there on Monday and see if it's less horrible than the vegies in "Spar".

Yesterday Tova and I went on the bus in the afternoon to the mall (a chaddy equivalent). We were looking for a few specific things. But wow, that shopping mall is confusing. There are levels such as 0, -1 and -2.. BUT not all elevators go to all floors. You have to go up or down a floor, walk around a bit looking for tiny passageways that have very hidden elevators at the end of them, take that one up or down a level or two. Get out walk to the end of the mall and find another.. omg. My legs fell off. Eventually we gave up and tried to find the bus home, that was an epic fail, so we got a taxi.

Sunday today, we've done not much. I've worked the entire day, except when we went for a walk around the block for some fresh air. We were actually looking for a cafe, for cake. Tova was excited. But NOTHING is open. Tova cried. Oh the for the love of cake. Tomorrow little Tova. We'll get cake in a cafe tomorrow.

We are here for Conductive Education.

The program starts tomorrow - Monday morning.

arriving to Budapest
Our street, front of our apartment. Budapest
Our street, front of our apartment. Budapest
Playing in the mall Our Balcony

Stupid Breathing

3.30am. Tova woke me up with stupid breathing. I wen't and got her from her room and took her to our bed. She was delighted. Ventolin + Panadol because yet again Yuval and I were in denial that we would need the Pred.
Tova did fall back to sleep between us, in the morning we gave her pred. She has now spent the morning watching and playing on the Ipad. More delight.
She is switching between a 'learn piano ap' an 'abc for kids'.

My opinion on what caused this stupid breathing is this. Yesterday we went to a party, where there was a bbq being lit, so it was smokey as could be. We sat in the direct path of the smoke. I remember thinking that it was possibly a really stupid place to sit.
Part of me was curious to see if she would get stupid breathing. Confirmed. I’m an idiot.
So our day yesterday was quite busy. First we went to see Dr Craig, I took some new pics of her session. It’s a trick, she looks like she is very well behaved, but really she is quite all over the place during her sessions. Dr Craig is great with her and puts up with lots, including dribble everywhere. SORRY! He’s so good about it.

Tova and I went out for Sushi for lunch, the boys were at Tennis and fruit shopping. We got home and left again to the party at our neighbours. Then we chilled at home for a while before going to a Bar Mitzvah.
Tova was fantastic at Shull. She would have stayed hours longer. Shull was long, about 3 hours, and she was perfect. Nissim fell apart for the last hour. He had seen the mountain of food in the other room and it was killing him that he had to wait (he'd eaten before we left even). Tova fell apart once she saw the food too, so we left. It was all a bit tricky. It's always a bit tricky with food. That's a blog for another day.

Dr Craig with Tova - Chiro


Tova at chiro