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The trick is to leave early

Tova and I left Melb on Sat morning at about 6.30am.
We arrived in beautiful Adelaide at something like 5.30pm.
My GPS lied when it told me the drive would be 8 hours.. that's impossible. But I wasn't in a hurry anyway. I just didn't want to stay with Tova in a bed sit for a night in the middle of nowhere getting zero sleep.

Tova had no issues with the drive. She had movies on the tablets with a speaker for loudness, it worked really well.

Nissim seemed a bit sad when we left. We'll see him soon. He's at home with Yuval. I did offer for him to come with me the entire time, but he said no. I have a feeling it's because he want's to play as much Wii as he possibly can, which he can't do with me, coz I say 'No, go play, with toys' lots.

When we arrived in Adelaide, we went right away to the beach to have a look. LOVE IT!

Tova at the beach on the first night we got to Adelaide

Adealide 2016
Nissim - Grade 1