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Camp Sababa

Tova is in this video a few times, pretty much anytime there is a piano/keyboard, that's Tova playing it. Also at about 0.57, I believe that's the back of her sitting with her buddies, probably talking about piano/playing piano. And 2.43ish on the trampolines

Last year (in October I think) Tova went on camp for 4 days. This was the longest I've ever spent away from Tova in her life. Three entire nights.
She had a ball!! No parents for 4 days. The lead up was a bit difficult for me. I was worried. About everything. To help me get over some of my worries, the two buddies that would be spending all their time with Tova at camp and the 2-3 team leaders came to our house various times in the weeks before camp, to learn all about Tova and her ways.
Let me tell you about these amazing buddies. HOLY CRAP, these kids have just completed grade 12 and fresh out of exams, they not only go away with a bunch of kids, they go away with a bunch of kids with additional needs. NOT what I was doing right out of grade 12. I wish I knew what they know. I wish I had done anything even remotely like this at that age. Their parents have so much to be proud of.

Tova participated in so many things I didn't think she would, and things she won't do with us, like go to the beach, stay in her bed and have fun at the pool! She did everything, and they said she loved all of it. I think having two 'servants' at her beck and call helped. I didn’t miss her, I felt confident and happy she was well looked after. Also the camp updated us each night with photos and a few words by text. Perfect.

A few months before that Nissim went on Camp SOCS which is the camp for Siblings Of Camp Sababa. This was the best thing for him. He got to meet lots of kids with brothers and sisters that have special needs and talk about it with people that ‘get it’.

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