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Back at school

Tova has started grade 5. I've been feeling a bit sick about her being almost in grade 7 (I know, 2 years away, but time is going so fast and each year it goes faster). Most of the kids in her class are going to grade 7 next year. Her school doesn't actually work by grade, so many of the kids are older than her in her class. It's going to be strange for her next year when she's not with those kids, they've been in class together for years and years.

This evening Tova had a really hard time trying to fall asleep. She cried/whimpered for an hour. Yuval had checked her a few times and said that the noise of the crickets was really bothering her. I got her after an hour and she was so upset about the crickets, and then the bats started, and then the possums and Zev (our cat) has a really bad cough. omfg. I ended up running around the back yard, in the dark, telling all the wild-life to shut the f#ck up. Tova took the next few hours to fall asleep, in OUR BED. I understand that feeling, when you are trying to sleep but there is one annoying sound that is driving you nuts and you just can’t let it go.

Since returning from Adelaide we’ve noticed some really great things with Tova, such as her fine motor skills improving, her conversation/sentences getting longer and more complex (all in Auslan, mostly finger spelling) and I watched her throwing a ball to the dog the other day, it was amazing. I haven’t seen her throw a ball like that before. Oh and her telling us when she needs to go to the toilet has improved 100%, we are so impressed with her.

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