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Last week, over 10 days ago, Nissim started complaining about how his legs were hurting. As he had been doing swimming with school every day that week, I just put it down to muscle aches. By the third day of swimming I was a bit more 'worried'.
He’d asked me to come to each day of swimming, so I did, so I was there when on the 3rd or 4th day he asked me if he could get out of the pool early. "of course" I said.

I took him to the showers to heat him up, he was shivering. They all shiver in there while all us spectators melt by the side of the pool. He heated up a little, got back into his uniform and asked to come home. He seemed sort of ok so I told him to go back to school on the bus and have something to eat, if he was still not feeling quite right, he should call me and me or my mum would come get him.
He didn't call. So he must have braved it out all day. Poor little guy.

The next day he was really not feeling well so he stayed home. I think by Friday/Saturday he was fevery and really tired. He stayed home, slept HEAPS and watched movies. But mostly he slept.
He started coughing.
He would spend the next week, yep entire week going from fever to fine while maintaining a magnificent cough.

Somewhere in these days Tova also started breathing funny. She stayed home from school on Monday so I could watch her. She seemed fine after Pred. Really fine. Tuesday, not so fine.
I took them to the salt rooms. They loved it. They were so peaceful in there. It was great. No idea if it helps. But it's something. There was one interesting thing that happened. After the first session of Salt rooms, that night Tova slept with really quiet breathing, and woke with terrible breathing. Usually she'll sleep with bad breathing. So perhaps the salt rooms helped her have a good night sleep?
The set up there is stunning & the staff are beautiful. The place has amazing positive energy.

Both kids were pretty bad a day later so I took them back to the salt rooms. And both to the Chiro. It was the first time Nissim had been to Dr Craig for himself. He really liked it.

That night Nissim had a fever again after having quite a good day. I was scared. I booked an appointment with the GP for the next morning (We'd already taken him 3 times that week, this was number 4).

The next day, Tova got the fever incredibly bad.

The GP was fantastic. She told me that I didn't need to be so worried. She was so confident and reassuring I almost cried.

Tova was completely floppy and a dead weight when we picked her up. She didn't move off the couch, she was so sick.

After a pretty scary night, because I didn't know what to expect and I've never seen invincible Nissim get so sick before, everyone woke up fair. Tova had a bath and slept for most of the day. Nissim relaxed and played lego.

I've had a pretty hard week +.
Both kids are still a bit off, but are on the mend. Nissim still has the really stupid cough. But, really, really stupid. It's so intense. He hasn't had a full night's sleep for over a week.

Well, yesterday Tova woke up much better, still not great. But she was so very upset with me that I don't have any tickets for her to go see a performance where the orchestra is playing in the pits. "I want to go to the city to see the theatre and watch the orchestra in the pits! TODAY! It will make me very happy", is what she signed.
She was serious. She put her hands in her head was on her knees on the kitchen floor and placed here head down to the floor on her hands in absolute disbelief that we weren't going to the city. She's amazing.

A few weeks ago Tova and I went to the Opera, I think I mentioned it, did I? If not.. here is a recap!
I've never thought about going to the opera, I thought I'd hate it. So when Tova had a subscription, I got everyone else to take her. There was one ticket left. So I took her a few weeks ago. I LOVED IT! I mean, I loved it so much that I got online that evening to buy more tickets only to find out the have completed their Melbourne season. I considered moving to Sydney! haha.

Tova spend the entire time watching the orchestra in the pits as we had front row seats. They were great to her. Talking to her and waving. I'm not sure if she watched the opera, and to be honest, I possibly sat watching Tova the entire time. She was delighted for the entire show. She was also very sad when it ended. The people sitting next to and around us were lovely too.

After this 'tantrum' I decided to buy tickets to see the orchestra for that evening (last night). So I dropped Nissim off at mums, gave Tova panadol and drove to the city for the 6.30pm show. We got front row seats.. Tova was delighted and it was worth it. This child LOVES music. Mostly violins. There were heaps of violins. Again the orchestra people spoke to us before everyone else entered the theatre.

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My child has special needs. So what?
Tova at the Chiro