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Lung Infection

Lung Infection

During the small hours of Saturday morning Tova woke us with crazy breathing. We gave her Pred and Panadol. We waited, and waited and waited some more.
The pred was taking longer than usual to kick in, but at about 32 minutes past giving her the drug, she started to breath a bit better. Thank goodness.

She thinks it’s hilarious to make her breathing sound worse than it is too, by laughing and making noises and breathing faster than she should.

Eventually she went to sleep, so did we

We watched her all Saturday, she was fair.

Saturday night/Sunday early morning she got a crazy hot fever that even Panadol wasn’t able to defeat.
Eventually she calmed down after lots of crying and twisting and turning, tossing and general unhappiness. I took her to the GP on Sunday and he said that she had a Lung Infection

He asked if I wanted to take her to Hospital, which of course I said a big “NO THANKS” to. He was more than happy to let me go home with a chemist worth of prescription drugs to boot.
I didn’t get all the medicine prescribed, but I did get the Antibiotics and an extra bottle of Nurofen (orange flavour as Tova keeps requesting Orange Juice).

Sunday was all about reducing that horrible fever. Poor Tova. She was so hot. She watched lots of Andre Rieu from her couch bed in the lounge room. Andre helped. Tova is quite possibly his biggest fan, even kissing him on the TV screen. CUTE
Sunday night I slept in Tova's bed, when I say 'sleep', I don't actually mean sleep.. More like.. being in the same bed as a febrile Octopus.

Tova had laboured breathing, which made her toss & turn all night. She woke at about 3am very upset and very hot. More neurofen administered.

turned. She woke at about 3am very upset and very hot. More neurofen administered.
I gave her some more antibiotices too (yep at 3am ish). They are to be taken on an empty stomach, which is really hard to do with Tova, as she loves to eat, this fever didn't even stop her from eating.
She demanded that I come back to sleep with her in her bed. I did as I was told. It took us a while, but eventually we slept.
I was groggy at 6.30ish, but had to get up to get Nissim ready for school. My mum came and picked him up at 8am. Once they left I went back to Tova's bed and lay down, for a moment, just to listen to her breathing for a while....
I woke at 10am!
Tova woke after 12pm!

She is still a sickie. She stayed home from school today, obviously as there wasn't much of the day left after she woke at lunch time.
I took her to see Dr. Craig.
Tova spent lots of time reading books in bed today, which was adorable.
Her breathing isn't great, but she is getting better.
It's been scary.

Tova at the Chiro