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Everyone is 8!

Both kids in the house are 8 years old for the next few days.
Nissim got lots of Lego and a bunch of stuff from Lush

It's been ages between posts. I've thought about posting lots of times. But just can't find the time. I don't even have time now. Here is a little outline of what's been happening:

Tova and I have been going to Adelaide for the day each month so she can do 4 hours of CE Therapy.
No one has been especially sick nor been to hospital for Croup
Nissim and I went to Tassi for about 3 days a week or so ago. It was my first time in about 7 years to spend a night away from Tova. It was strage and I had nightmares on the first night; I'd lost her, left her, forgotten her, abandoned her and everything in between. In my waking moments, I was 100% fine.

Happy Birthday Nizzo

My child has special needs. So what?