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Conductive Ed Adelaide

We are here in Adelaide again for CE therapy! I feel bad that it's taken me a year to update the blog. I'm going to try and blog here once a month, wish me luck. < br /> Again, we are staying at the same place as each year and again, Tova and I did the big drive up here. Of course google lied and told us it would take 8.5 hours.. No, no, no, such lies. It took us 12 long hours. Next year I’m breaking it up and sleeping somewhere halfway. It’s too hard to do that drive in one day by myself.

We used to stop at Kaniva for the night, but Tova was like a little satan to spend the night with, not sleeping, climbing in and out of every bed, trying to get into the bathroom to stand in the toilet or what not. Such pleasures. But I think that I’ll just set her up with movies all night and put a bed over the bathroom door, or chair, or anything to block it and try and sleep myself. It doesn’t matter how tired she is the next day, it matters how tired I AM! The kids and I will fly home in a few days and Yuval will do the drive home. He can at least stop the car and have a sleep as he will be alone. I can’t do that with a Tova in the car. I M P O S S I B L E.

I think Tova is having fun at Future Footprints. She’s not so stressed about going there each day, she does ask to stay home lots and does ask to be on holidays, but she also kicks me out of the door when we get there.

The boys arrived about a week ago, so we’ve all been together. Lots of beach and Dolphin time, lot of relaxing and enjoying the Tropical Adelaide heat.

Stunning Princess at Future Footprints

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